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"Create happiness and this will bring happiness to you"

Just before my 17th birthday I received the first and only letter from father. This fourteen-page, handwritten letter dated 19th October 1960 has become my guide throughout my life. Still today I feel in his letter his love, care and helpful hand. Some of his thoughts are:

-   Learn and endeavour to gain new knowledge; it will render you richer, give you inward beauty and you will become a better human being.

-   Fulfilling your duty brings you satisfaction and a smile, because you are in a good mood. You have time, energy and self-confidence to lead people and you begin to understand and to help the others. You can give to others......

-   It is not important whether you are a minister, director, a housewife, doctor, or a conductor. With hard work, commitment, love, contentment and generosity you can create and spread an atmosphere of happiness, no matter where you are.

-   Only when we prove to ourselves that, in one way or another, we are valuable, happiness will come. Create happiness and this will bring happiness to you!

-   And suddenly you have enough time and an open eye for human beings, animals and nature. They are all here for us, but we also have to be here for them.

-   You become convinced (not because you were taught), that there is a God who takes care of us.

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